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Table Talk #3: A Naturally Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The best part of sitting around your Thanksgiving centerpiece is eating great food and making memories with friends and family.  So why not make that centerpiece you are sitting around also a great conversation piece!

As we keep sharing our best tips for making your Thanksgiving centerpiece the talk of the table, we’re making this post all about the main focus – The elements you use to make your centerpiece pop!

Yesterday we talked about how to choose an anchor point to start your design. Today our visual design expert, Shelley is sharing her favorite secrets for filling your anchor point using natural, yet unique elements.

Find natural fillers everywhere.

Natural fillers look and feel organic around the table. The rich, rustic colors and natural elements that change with this season make it easy to fall in love with Fall.

Here’s top favorite natural Fall elements to add to your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

  1. Spanish Moss is a fabulous filler for any centerpiece.

If you live in Central Florida like we do, you know where to get it! Found on almost every tree in the area, this wonderful organic filler is the perfect starter for your centerpiece filler.


Here’s a great article on how to prepare natural Spanish moss for indoor use.  Or you can always just get some from the craft store!  

2. Raw packing material is an unpredictable choice.

A completely unique filler for your Thanksgiving centerpiece is probably in your own home  already! Saving your packing materials can be more helpful than you thought 😉 Look at this interesting shredded paper product that Shelley saved when something was shipped to her.

Think outside the box. Fill your centerpiece with something natural, organic and unique to you.

“I love how using Spanish moss or raw packing material gives you a chance to re-purpose something that you wouldn’t think  is beautiful.”  ~Shelley Price, Adjectives Visual Designer

Colors pop in the details.

Now that you’ve filled in the base of your anchor point, you’re ready to add the details.  When adding in the detailed elements, work from large to small adding more contrast and color with each detail you place in your centerpiece.

Here are our favorite details you can add easily.

  • Real pumpkins and gourds that can be found almost anywhere this time of year.
  • Dainty florals and dried plants like lavender give you more than just a beautiful sight. Your centerpiece will smell great too!
  • Fall leaves are a must. You can get these at a craft store or right from your yard (if you live in the north 😉
  • Pine cones, acorns or other natural elements are easy to gather from your yard.

When it comes to finding the best things to fill that anchor point, we want to inspire you to be unpredictable and totally unique to you.

“You’re not necessarily sticking to any specific color palette, it’s really about just adding whatever natural tones and fall colors that you love.” ~Shelley Price, Adjectives Visual Designer

Without taking too much attention from the real fun of Thanksgiving, you can create a centerpiece that is perfectly imperfect! 

What are some other great organic elements that you love this time of year? Share them in the comments and we’ll add them to our list!

Tomorrow we’ll be recapping all of Shelley’s great tips. Plus there will be some last minute tricks that will inspire you to create new traditions this Thanksgiving.

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