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Saltwash, A Specialty Painting Additive


Saltwash is a specialty painting addition that creates a layered and textured effect to your painted furniture. Its powder form makes it is easy to use when mixed with any brand or type of paint to create that one-of-a-kind shabby chic look for your furniture.



Saltwash is a specialty painting additive that creates a layered and textured effect to your painted furniture.

Looking to add a fun, weather-aged cottage look to your space? Create some Coastal Chic Furniture with Saltwash®. This is an easy to use base coat formula for painting. It gives a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint!

This unique paint additive will turn your painted furniture into a one-of-a-kind shabby chic find! Saltwash comes in a powder form, making it easy to use when mixing with any kind of paint! Simply apply the mixture of paint and saltwash to any piece of furniture or surface with rough brush strokes to achieve an authentic timeworn look. 

Saltwash - A Paint Addititve

Saltwash is made with real sea salt, so you will notice it dries quicker and adheres to almost any surface that takes paint. It was designed to be mixed with any brand or type of paint and used as the base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, it can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash also has found to give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal and even plastic.

Tip: When mixing your saltwash into your paint, make sure you use the correct ratio of saltwash to paint. Here is  a chart of correct ratios for assistance.

Recommended Supplies For Saltwash:

  • Brush (x2)
  • Stirrer
  • Separate containers
  • Eye Protection
  • Respiratory Protection

Application Process:

Start off by separating an amount of paint into a container. Using the measurements above, slowly pour the saltwash into your paint while stirring. When you get the consistency equal to cake icing that means no further mixing is needed. Small chunks are welcomed as long as they are mixed pieces not stuck together pieces of the mixture. This adds to that beachy, timeworn look that we’re aiming for when using Saltwash to refinish a piece of furniture.

Apply the mixture to the piece in small sections by dabbing it and leaving little peaks on the piece. Avoid applying a lot of pressure to the mixture during the application process to avoid having it look like lumps versus the beachy, worn look. When your piece has partially dried it will have a dulled look to it.  At this point, you will gently drag some of the peaks into different directions with your brush. This is where you get to be creative!

If you are looking to learn more about how to use this creative painting product, stop in at any Adjectives location, or give us a call. We are always happy to help and full of knowledgeable experience to help you create your best furniture refurbishing projects! You can also check out our creative workshops here.  

Once the piece completely dries, you have the option to completely paint over it in a different color or paint small sections. You could also sand it down to your liking. Make it your own!

Check out this quick demo:

Have you experienced the beauty of this amazing paint additive? Have a question about this great product? Sound off in the comments below.  We’ll respond asap!

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