Out with the NEW and in with the OLD.

Surprise! We’re changing things up again. The Adjectives New Arrivals are getting a new name!

You see, most of our members’ pieces are not new at all. Yet some aren’t exactly “old” either. In fact, they are usually a mix of new and old! Our members curate and create vintage, antique, new and unique pieces for your home, for your wardrobe, for your style.  

So with that, it’s out with the NEW and in with the OLD. 

Drum roll please…

Starting this week, look out for our newly titled albums, 

“Featured Finds.” 

Because that’s just what they are: Unique pieces that we find inspiring and we want to feature!

Discover our “Featured Finds” each Friday morning on our Facebook page and at ADJstyle.com. 

When you’re in the stores exploring, look for our “Featured Finds” signs pointing you to the pieces we are featuring that week. These pieces usually don’t last long. Get them sent straight to your inbox a day early (Thursday mornings) when you sign up for our Early Bird Email


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