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The piece of home decor that completes every room.

There’s one home decor element that’s a critical part of interior design, but that is often an afterthought in putting together a room. Furniture and accessories are huge, we know – but this component is often the first thing you see when you walk in, because it’s right at eye level – that’s right, we’re talking about what you use to decorate your walls! Wall art and mirrors never seem to be at the forefront of designing a room. We think they should be.

Let’s say you have some motivation to redecorate a room in your home.  Whether it becomes a do-it-yourself project or you enlist the expertise of an interior designer, dressing the walls always seems to get left out of the initial design phases. Yet we believe it’s an aspect of home design that can really turn your house into a home and help you make a declaration of your individual style!

Why you should let your walls speak

Why is it that so often that we forget to think about our wall space when we’re brainstorming design ideas? We get so caught up in our love for furniture and all the things that will take up the space in the room. We start pulling inspiration for colors, fabrics, textures. Then the questions start to arise. Wood floors, tile, or a rug? Neutral colors or bold? A big farm table and benches or an island with a bar? 

But truly, the walls of your home are just as important as the furniture on your floors. They might even be more important because it’s the decor and art that lives on your walls that truly complete a room. This is the most eye-catching part of a room. It’s what we actually see the most. So why not make it iconic and amazing?!

Better yet, why not start with the walls? Selecting wall decor that speaks to your personal style can give you a guidepost as you put together the rest of the room – the right art contains all the colors and inspiration that you need to go forward! Designers often use what they call “mood boards” to channel their energies forward as they being a project. Let your wall art be the mood board for your entire room!

Adding personality to your walls

Here are a few quick tips to add personality to any room with wall art and mirrors:

  1. Make it a conversation piece. Be clever. Be funny. Be you! Creative signs and one-of-a-kind artwork tell a story about you and your family.  We love the funky handmade signs created by some of our Adjectives artisans. They’ll make you (and your guests!) smile every time you walk in the room.
  2. Clocks are a fashion statement all on their own, in addition be being useful. Many of our collections feature old antique clocks, as well as funky new styles that light up any wall space! Using interesting shapes on your walls gives your rooms more personality. Just because the walls are straight, doesn’t mean what goes on them needs to be.
  3. Old and vintage-style posters come in many different colors and styles. The illustrations featured on many old-time ads are sweet and iconic. Retro posters and signs work in almost any decor and give every room a feeling of old soul. We have an array of different vintage posters to choose from at every Adjectives Market!
  4. Mirrors expand the feeling of any space and multiply the power of light. Just as with wall art, there’s a huge variety available! From ancient mirrors with crackled, peeling silver that evoke the mystique of an old apothecary shop, to glimmering modern frameless marvels, there’s a perfect mirror for every space! If you can’t think of what kind of art you like, finish your space off with a mirror – you can’t go wrong with such a classic choice.

So there you have it – wall art and unique mirrors are some of the most interesting and fundamental design elements for any room. Don’t let them be the end of your design project – think of them as the beginning! Are you thinking about your wall space now? For more inspiration stop by any Adjectives Market and find wall decor that speaks to you!


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