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A Modern Take on Vintage Shopping – The History of Adjectives – Chapter One

We’re on the verge of something big – the opening of our new Adjectives Altamonte Megastore! With the New Year just around the corner, and our brand new space opening only a week later on January 7, this is the perfect time to share with you the story of Adjectives, in chapters as we approach our new grand opening.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you a series of stories on our history, our foundation and our passion for creating a community of artisans and shoppers who share our obsession with our unique brand – Adjectives.

Though it started as a simple idea just five years ago, Adjectives has evolved into something much bigger, and it is very special to all of us. We’re still growing and evolving, on a never-ending mission to be Orlando’s favorite destination for all things vintage, antique, new and unique. This is our story.

Chapter 1: The Dream – A Modern Take on Vintage Shopping

The idea for Adjectives was born from our love of the upscale design marketplaces in Atlanta, Miami, and New York, combined with our devotion to seek out beautiful, soulful old pieces. From looking at blogs and visiting shows, we knew that Central Florida had talent. Yet, something seemed to be missing.

We decided that what was lacking was one marketplace where talent and passion could come together, allowing vintage and antique lovers to put their finds on display in a fresh, new way that shoppers had not yet experienced.

Livable and Lovable

Our vision was not an antique mall, filled with the same dusty pieces every week. There are plenty of antique stores, junk shops and antique malls out there. Instead, we saw a dynamic, evolving environment that reflected current design trends, and that emphasized the creative use of old pieces in modern living spaces.

As much as we wanted Adjectives to be a destination for buying, we also wanted it to be a destination for inspiration. We decided that every gallery at Adjectives should be beautifully curated, and that each space should reflect an actual livable, lovable environment.

Practicality and Everyday Use

Another emphasis was practicality. In a typical antique mall, you might find a lot of things you’d want to put in a little case or on a wall, on a shelf. We realized that this wasn’t enough – there are people out there who love to decorate in a vintage style and who simply love to surround themselves with old things, repurposed things, and beautiful things that have an old soul. These items needed to be not just pretty to look at, but useful for their intended purpose, and able to serve as the foundation for a home.

So, we also decided that our primary audience would be customers who actually wanted to use the pieces they found at Adjectives. Not collectors, but rather people who saw the magic that could be added to daily life when using beautiful old things with that had a history.

Variety. It’s in our name.

Lastly, we wanted variety. We chose the name “Adjectives” because we knew that our customers would need a huge vocabulary to describe what they found at our store! We knew that customers wanted more than just a single style. And though a lot of people viewed “vintage” or “antique” as a single style, we knew that there were an incredible number of styles within those categories.

We wanted to showcase each of them and demonstrate just how beautiful old things could look while still being useful. Our hope was that by bringing a wide variety of styles to the table, we would help customers develop and cultivate their own sense of vintage style.

Design for living, practicality, and variety; with our three key elements in place, we knew we had a winning formula. But as always, taking something from concept to execution in the real world is a far cry from just dreaming about it!


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